Rockbreaking Technologies

Clear hazardous hang ups, loose slabs and other unstable rock masses quick and safely!

If you have oversized rocks or underground hang-ups, RockTek has the solution.


PCF/RocKracker™ patented propellant gas generating cartridges fracture and break up oversize boulders, mass rock, dimension stone and reinforced concrete without the need for high explosives and detonators.


QuikDraw™, the patented underground hang-up relief system from RockTek will increase your productivity and profitability by safely and quickly clearing hazardous hang-ups, loose slabs and other unstable rock masses.


RockTek’s RockStem patented stemming products have been uniquely designed to effectively stem up holes / horizontal holes and significantly increase productivity by decreasing the time to correctly stem holes to ensure confinement of the PCF/RocKracker products.

Oversized Rock with RocKracker™

Our innovative RocKracker™ cartridges are designed to break up rock where conventional explosives are either prohibited or unsuitable in certain situations. RocKracker™ offers a simple, safe and efficient option for miners and civil engineers where the impact of ground vibration, noise, dust and fly-rock control inhibit the use of traditional blasting methods.

Underground hang-ups with QuikDraw™ Cannon

Our QuikDraw™ Cannon was specifically designed to clear hazardous hang-ups in underground mining situations. The QuikDraw™ system incorporates simple, rugged, easy-to-handle components and commercial explosives that can be set up in minutes, without the use of heavy equipment or the need for personnel to enter dangerous areas.

RockTek provide the mining, civil and quarrying industries with innovative tools to enhance productivity and safety.