RockTek’s RockStem™ patented stemming products have been uniquely designed to effectively stem bore holes, in particular up and horizontal holes. RockStem™ significantly increase productivity by decreasing the time to correctly stem holes to ensure confinement of the PCF/RocKracker™ products.

Significantly reduce your Sulphide Dust Explosion risk with RockStem™

RockStem™ has been successfully used to stem holes loaded with High Explosives to significantly reduce the risk of Sulphide Explosions when the HE is initiated.

  • 29 mm RockStem™ to suit 32mm diameter bore holes and 27.5 /60 PCF/RocKracker™ Cartridges
  • 42 mm RockStem™ to suit 45 mm diameter bore holes and 42 /60 & 42/100 PCF/RocKracker™ Cartridges
  • 60 mm RockStem™ to suit 64 & 72 mm diameter bore holes and 60 /200 & 60/300 PCF/RocKracker™ Cartridges


“RockTek support the disabled community through our long association with The Endeavour Foundation. RockStem™ is exclusively manufactured by Endeavour to support people to realise their full potential. By supporting RockTek you are contributing to The Endeavour Foundations good work.”