RockTek QuikDraw™


QuikDraw™, the patented underground hang-up relief system from RockTek will increase your productivity and profitability by safely and quickly clearing hazardous hang-ups, loose slabs and other unstable rock masses.

QuikDraw™ system benefits

  • Incorporates simple, rugged, easy-to-handle components and commercial explosives that can be set up in minutes,
  • Firing Platform significantly reduces manual handling
  • No need for personnel to enter dangerous areas
  • Laser sighting assures accurate delivery of the explosive charge to the desired point of impact
  • Firing distances of up to 100 metres
  • Electric firing system
  • QuikDraw™ delivers 3 million PSI of pressure at 7,000 metres a second burn rate at the hang-up
  • QuikDraw™ eliminates the hazardous placement of standard bulk or packaged charges near the hang up
  • QuikDraw™ works – thousands of units have been fired successfully since 1995

Drawpoint Hang-up

Hang-up Laser Sighting

Hang-up Issue Resolved