PCF/RocKracker™ patented propellant gas generating cartridges fracture and break up oversize boulders, mass rock, dimension stone and reinforced concrete without the need for high explosives and detonators.

PCF/RocKracker™ benefits

  • PCF/RocKracker™ utilises military grade propellant and electric match to generate gas pressure in a properly confined, correctly drilled and loaded hole to fracture rock, boulders or reinforced concrete
    Firing Platform significantly reduces manual handling
  • Generated gas uses tensile pressure to fracture rock, not shock energy, hence minimal noise, vibration and fly rock.
  • PCF/RocKracker™ ignited propellant produces gas generation of approximately 1 litre of gas for each gram of propellant which highlights the efficiency of energy generation.
  • PCF/RocKracker™s are assembled using only quality new raw materials manufactured specifically for RockTek.


Call RockTek on (08) 9524 3896 for more technical information. Also visit our Documentation page to download current MSDS for PCF/RocKracker™ components and propellants.