Our innovative Firing Platform integrates user-friendly, robust components with commercial explosives, ensuring swift setup in minutes. It minimizes manual handling, eliminating risks in hazardous zones. Laser sighting guarantees precise targeting, achieving accurate explosive deployment at distances of up to 100 meters. With an electric firing system, safety and efficiency are paramount.


PCF/RocKracker™ relies on military-grade propellant and electric match for gas pressure. Its Firing Platform reduces manual handling. Gas pressure fractures rock using tensile force, minimizing noise, vibration, and fly rock.


RockTek’s RockStem™ patented stemming products have been uniquely designed to effectively stem bore holes, in particular up and horizontal holes. RockStem™ significantly increase productivity by decreasing the time to correctly stem holes to ensure confinement of the PCF/RocKracker™ products.